We focus on value, not price

In the past few years, the dynamics of healthcare commercialization have changed. Safety and efficacy are no longer enough to convince decision-makers and companies to buy products. Sales strategies are now focused on perceived benefits, not product features, and teams must demonstrate the value of their products in a much shorter timeframe.

Value is what decision-makers want to see and understand. In an industry that launches a new patent every fifty minutes, it has become essential to demonstrate why buyers and authorities should pay for medical innovations at all.

We believe there is a large gap between what medical companies communicate and what they need markets to grasp. While doctors and other clinical decision-makers remain significant influencers, today’s industry must also consider the non-clinical perspectives of other stakeholders, including health plans, authorities, purchasing organizations, and tender committees, among others.

Clinical, Economic and Commercial focus

ValueConnected’s ultimate goal is to provide teams with the tools to distinguish their products from others on the market. A strong understanding of market needs allows us to pair your product with the right market at the right time.

All ValueConnected members have sales experience and an in-depth understanding of the pressures companies face for their products to achieve optimal results. As a result, we apply both technical and commercial aspects to our approach to make products more accessible, targeting the right decision-makers in the purchasing process.

ValueConnected is an international consulting firm with headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, and an international office in São Paulo, Brazil. We have a network of local consultants across Europe, the United States, Middle East and South Africa, and a strong track record of successfully completed projects within these regions.

Because healthcare demands value.